15 October – 20 November 2022
Trendy Gallery | River City Bangkok (RCB Galleria 4 ,FL.2)

TRENDY GALLERY proudly presents “BRUTAL CLUB”. It is an art exhibition by KARMS, the artist who brings what is confined to the mind or to the society and unfolds it into a painting so as to convey a message to people. You are invited to open the door to the mysterious darkness known as “Freedom in a cage” to see the other side of the human mind that is unfathomable. It is waiting for its release to the outside world where freedom may be just another enlarged cage. This exhibition tells the depth of the action, the thought, the uncontrollable part of the mind, and the imprisoned aggressiveness waiting to leap into the vast land.

Welcome to “BRUTAL CLUB”….
“When that door is opened, there are laughter and screams – the humming sounds of the atmosphere mixed with the movement of something. Those voices ring out to be heard, and the unidentifiable smell that is good to some, while stinky to others. Some do not feel anything. This area is dimly lit, and it is where the (seemingly) familiar faces live. Their gazes are extremely suspicious. Perhaps, that is how they want to convey something. It looks like they are pulling themselves, struggling to break free or escaping from any other subjectivity. If you try to move closer and consider them carefully, you will see they just want to shake off whatever bonds they have and go out to live their lives.

However, we can never know that by stepping out of the door, we may see even more infinitely stacked doors. And we will have to fight for eternity.”

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