November 27, 2021 – January 2, 2022
River City Bangkok (RCB Galleria 3 ,FL.2)

Benzilla’s first full art exhibition: Midnight Call

Let’s just say that Benzilla is the number one artist in the street art industry in our country. Parinya Sirisinsuk, aka Benzilla, is the owner of the character LOOOK, the three-eyed alien that has become the talk of the town. Recently he has been lining up an exhibition, the first full-scale art display in collaboration with Trendy Gallery.  This event will also be his latest exhibition after a 7-year hiatus, which guarantees that he will not pull his punches in showcasing his work.

This exhibition dubbed “Midnight Call” is a metaphor for the dead of night. When the artist has to burn the midnight oil in silence alone, he has to face everything buzzing in his mind. What’s more, all the works in this exhibition have been created during the covid pandemic when everyone has had to work from home.  This opportunity has allowed Benzilla to spend time with himself, reviewing what happened both in the present and in the future until many good ideas crystallized, including a turning point in the creation of his work.

Benzilla has used his heart and soul to convey his identity and crystallized thoughts as well as collect new ideas used in the creation of oeuvres for this exhibition. It is recounted through a personal character, LOOOK, which includes both paintings and sculptures. As for the paintings, Benzilla has chosen a mixed media technique at which he is good, such as street-art spray painting and acrylic painting in a unique color palette. Or this might as well be called a Benzilla-style shade because he ordered special colors from a paint manufacturer in New York to create his works. And there is also a mix and match of the stencil technique, the development of the composition as well as the more complex use of bold colors. His paintings will also put on view new techniques that he has invented and used to create his work of art. As for the sculptures, the work will clearly reflect his identity through the character, which is meticulous in every detail and produced in limited quantities just for his true fans’ collections.

Opening Reception

Saturday November 27, 2021, 14:00–19:00 hrs.

Gallery Hours

Every day, 11:00–19:00 hrs


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