KARMS Thammatat Saithong (B.1996) is a Thai artist based in bangkok, Thailand.

The owner of the argus-eyed evil character with work that reflects his stunning identity is considered a young artist with extraordinary skills who always picks up stories about the behavior of people in today’s society and combines them with intricate painting techniques and the fine “painterly style”. His work often reflects observations of human behavior, such as miscommunication, which sometimes leads to misunderstanding, gossip, curiosity, and reality in society.  It also includes stories encountered in everyday life in which the artist looks at society and forthrightly interprets it in his own specific style, reflecting a part in the minds of every human being.  An example of such is a lack of judgment in various stories by spinning them through a character, in this case, a demon with many eyes in the midst of a gloomy atmosphere. Shadows are clearly contrasted to accentuate the characters in the image as well as his detailed and favorite use of the “painterly style”.