Benzilla (B.1984) is a Thai artist based in bangkok, Thailand.

Benzilla is a renowned street artist whose work of the three-eyed alien has been popular throughout the city. When talking about the top street artists in Thailand, the name of “Benzilla” must definitely be included in the list. With the distinctive character of the three-eyed alien or the LOOOK and the vivid colors he uses, his work has entered the hearts of many people. He has also been in collaboration with innumerable famous brands. His work features a character called the LOOOK, a child alien with three eyes, who looks as if he is from another planet. This character does not know about the earthlings and their world. When settling down here, he is full of brightness, without any prejudice, and cogently expresses the artist’s point of view. This character originated from his love for sci-fi, mystery, and space. By a twist of fate, the artist then came up with the LOOOK. He felt fun and wanted to continue the drawing of this character until completion and has ever since used this character in his work. The inspiration for all of his creations came from plenty of sources. They ranged from the experience of seeing new things around him, the travels, the musical influences of the 90s’ that he grew up with, especially hip-hop, rock and hardcore, to the culture that came with the music culture of that era, such as skateboarding, fashion, lifestyle, pop culture, and graphic design. All of these have shaped his individuality and created a distinct identity for his work.