Cute lines inspired by the cuteness of little ones

S I R I or Sirinart Saiprasart is a female artist who watches the growth of her twin daughters while practicing drawing as part of her routine. Until one day, she noticed the two little girls’ cheeks were as red as tomatoes while they were frolicking and having fun. So, she couldn’t help but draw those bright and cute cheeks to be kept as her personal memories. Through her creativity in art, her talent and blessings were born. As a result, a drawing of two twin babies was developed into two tomatoes. It has been aptly named “Tomato Girls”.

The development of the cuteness of the two little tomatoes has been passed from private sketchbooks to the public. The Tomato Girls’ plain faces are a replica of the real twins, which can be perfectly integrated into every context.

S I R I has been fond of drawing ever since she was able to hold a pencil. Her passion for art has been instilled since childhood and never faded with time. Despite the many other tasks she has to do, drawing has always been regarded as an important aspect of her life at every age. S I R I uses pictures instead of a diary to record the stories that happen, so her work can be conveyed in a variety of ways. The obvious identity is the colors and lines that are approachable but hidden in the philosophy of the concept of comparison of the surrounding things that are drawn for us to appreciate. She uses her personal instincts in painting through her brushes without clinging to any frame to make her work as pure as possible. This is what she has always done, and her work has brought great smiles to people. As such, she decided to become an artist to make the world full of joy.

Drawing pictures makes her just as happy as raising the two twins. The pictures drawn with her skill came out to be joyful and entertaining. This is the heart of the work of an artist named S I R I.