Mackcha (Thai, b.1998) painting feelings with endless lines.
The lassie character was created by Macky (Chararat Saraaporn.) If you keep your eyes peeled for “Chalotte”, you will perceive the many feelings that come out of this character. The artist has drawn this “dramatis personae” in her work through lines, colors, and faces that are open to interpretation without limitation.

Mackcha is a female artist who draws paintbrushes to indulge her passion. In fact, she started drawing eagerly in high school without setting any explicit goals other than the phrase “wishing to do it” until she entered university. With social trends that pushed her to pursue her interests according to her traditions rather than self-indulgence, she chose to study in the Faculty of Architecture. Over time she discovered that it was not the kind of happiness for which she had longed, so she decided to resign from the program. That moment was a turning point for her as she had to choose between continuing her studies or working hard on art. Of course, she had tried going on a path that wasn’t for her and had learned it the hard way. As such, she had to make a U-turn and follow a new route to fill the voice that kept calling in her heart, “Go for art”. That was when she chose to do anything and everything art-related to settle her stomach, life, and spirit.

Mackcha has never abandoned art. Likewise, art has never abandoned her either and even repaid her complete dedication with enormous pleasure. The decision to pursue this path never caused any hesitation even when she was faced with obstacles in her journey. Not for a second did she ever want to turn away from it.

This character Chalotte was developed from Mackcha herself. Her primary colors are blue and white, reflecting her awakening nature in the ocean ecosystem. To put it simply, she has a penchant for the sea. It can be seen that Chalotte wears mascots that quite resemble a lot of marine animals such as crabs, sharks, dugongs, urchins, etc. Apart from her fascination with the sea, there are many other aspects of this character that are worth exploring because, as aforementioned, she created Chalotte from her own persona, a multi-dimensional human being. It can be said that if you look carefully, you will be able to access both the identity of the work and the artist at the same time.

Let’s get to know Chalotte to the fuller extent. This friend will surely give you joy, happiness, and thoughts, in a way that is beyond all expectations. For one, Mackcha can ingeniously express a wide range of feelings through her brushstrokes.