Curiosity leads to questioning and creating 2choey’s artwork

His name is pronounced “2choey”; in fact, “choey” is derived from the Thai word “เฉย”, which does not mean uncaring but from the fact that his personal ideas are not related to anything in particular. Neutral, indifferent to prejudices, and not framed, 2choey is the kind of person who likes to question things and is ready to have fun with them in their own way. However, he does not abandon his harmonious and natural self-identity. His life as a full-time artist began when he drew “fingers” on the faces of various characters. The reason for drawing such fingers is that they are neutral and do not show emotion in any direction. As such, the story he tells through the picture enables us to ponder without any boundaries. His works allow us to ask our society, country, and even surroundings questions, which can still happen endlessly. Bias will not be present in 2choey’s works.

He values balance in every aspect of life and art.

2choey’s works of art are to find a middle ground between “tidiness” and “out-of-the-box concept”. Although the coloring is smooth for the whole image, there will be colors that overlap out of the frame of the lines to make them not too precise. His drawing of inaccurate lines makes his images look jagged so as to soften them. These methods are due to the way he puts himself into every piece of art. It is the perfect balance of regulation and freedom.

We can see that 2choey’s works of art in each period are based on different drawing techniques. He is an artist who is immersed in imagination combined with brush strokes in various forms that invite people to follow him. The transition in his own art era is due to the way of thinking that changes with growth, and the constant questioning even of his own work prevents him from doing the same thing over and over again. All of them have created unique value for every piece of work. What never disappears from 2choey’s works, however, is his questioning and exposing ideas or inviting people to contemplate on his works. All of these make up the complete oeuvre of 2choey.